Computer-assisted Thematic Analysis of Typhoon Fung-Wong Tweets


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The paper was presented at the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON 2017)

TENCON 2017 is expected to bring together researchers, educators, students, practitioners, technocrats and policymakers from across academia, government, industry and non-governmental organizations to discuss, share and promote current works and recent accomplishments across all aspects of electrical, electronic and computer engineering, as well as information technology. Distinguished people will be invited to deliver keynote speeches and invited talks on trends and significant advances in the emerging technologies.


  • Jeffrey Rosario Ancheta
  • Christian Sy
  • Lany Maceda
  • Nathaniel Oco
  • Rachel Edita Roxas


This study examines the themes present in tweets during Typhoon Fung-Wong (local name Mario), which hit the Philippines last September 2014. We used topic modeling and manual analysis. Through topic modeling, topics found include rainfall warning, humor, expressing hope, typhoon status/situation, disaster relief, work and class suspension, tropical storm update, and flooded areas. Manual analyses revealed more themes such as communication and information dissemination, entertainment, resilience and hope, and relief. By these themes, Twitter can be considered as a platform for disaster risk reduction through effective distribution of relevant information, and serves as a space to chronicle people’s experiences.

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